Our Services: Condominium

Condominiums are defined as individually-owned housing unit within a multi-unit building. Condo homeowners also have access to exclusive features in the condominiums if available, such as swimming pool(s), tennis courts, carparks as well as other facilities like BBQ pits. Condo units do come with the basic fixtures, which can include larger floor tiles, scratch-resistant main doors and bathroom fittings.

Maximising Space With Design

Emphasizing the use of functional and multi-functional furniture, storage solutions, a neutral color scheme, and strategic use of mirrors and lighting to enhance the beauty and functionality of the living space.

Lifestyle-focused Interior Design

Provide the lifestyle that individual owners wanted, with their needs and expectation to be seen in the unit itself. Making each lifestyle to be special and unique in each of their own ways

Luxury Apartment Interior Design

While not as fancy and spacious as other property, our interior designs will provide you with a lavish looking home, where you can feel comfortable and cozy living in it

Methodical Approach To Interior Design

  • 1Design Concept
    Theme Development
  • 2Design Brief
  • 3Design Layout
  • 43D Illustration
  • 52D Technical
  • 6Material Selection
  • 7Commence Work

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